Harisons Raya Bergaya Trends 2018

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It’s the fasting month now and before you know it, it’s Hari Raya. Oh no! Amidst your busy schedule, it’s going to be difficult to squeeze in some last-minute Raya shopping. But, hey, wait a minute! Just what is in trend now? Which one should you pick?

Come on, ladies! Hold it there. Sit back and chill yourself while we do the hard work for you. Just allow us to serve you our suggestions for this Raya that will have you looking fantastic this Raya. After all, you deserve only the best #ootd .

Floral print Baju Kurung

If simplicity is your middle name and comfort is your top priority, this cotton Baju Kurung with floral design is a safe bet. Black and white is a rare combination to unleash your desire to stand out from the usual pastel and multi-coloured frocks.

Bordered Baju Kurung Modern

Borders is making a comeback these days, on baju kurung too, is worth a try. The border detail on the kurung skirt gives it a classic and exquisite look. This is matched with a top that’s befitting for an elegant outfit.

Baju Kurung Pesak Pahang

Dare to be different with this classic look. The floral theme screams out feminine charm. Be it the elegant green or bold pink version, this outfit will certainly escalate your fashion statement.

Baju Kurung Pesak

This kurung pesak is adorned with a simple top, matched with a printed skirt. It comes with hidden side zip and inner lining for your comfort. Try this peplum kurung and look dazzling on Raya morning!

Baju Melayu Saffron

This Saffron Royal Blue Baju Melayu is one of our all-time favourite looks. We love how you can completely transform your Baju Raya. The Baju Melayu means business and the sampin shows the playful side. It smartens up a casual look.

Semi Linen Baju Melayu with Sampin Songket

If you have a soft spot for traditional designs, here’s a sampin songket with our semi linen Baju Melayu that will delight you. The semi linen fabric comes in coloured prints –  a rare and bold choice of colours to be paired with the sampin songket. A modern cut with a traditional look, combine both old and new this festive season!