Harisons 10 Colour Combinations For Raya Bergaya

Harisons 10 Colour Combinations For Raya Bergaya main image Harisons 10 Colour Combinations For Raya Bergaya image

Pairing colours can either make or break your outfit. So, it’s only natural to feel a little uneasy when experimenting with new tones and partnerships. But, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to plain old head-to-toe black. Here, we take you through a variety of colour-coordinated looks that will excite and enhance your style. From bold green and yellow outfits to chic pink and grey ensembles, these stylish ideas will teach you how to wear bold colours without clashing. Ready to embrace the rainbow? Here are the clothing colour combinations you need to try this year.

1. Green and Yellow

There’s nothing crisper than the smell of freshly cut grass on a bright sunny day, and this colour combination is just that. Fresh and clean, green and yellow looks great on most complexions. If you’re warm toned, focus on mustard, khaki and dark green. If you’re cool toned, sharpen up an outfit by adding bright yellows and iridescent greens.

To rock this colour combination, check out our Raya Bergaya Collection. Then, add a fresh white shawl/scarf and green accessories for a bright new everyday look. But remember, keep it simple and don’t be afraid to mix it up.

2. Pale Blue and Pink

Nothing says “Raya Bergaya” more than pastels. Soft pinks and blues may sound subtle, but when styled in the right way, they can be as eye-catching as a bright pop of colour.

Try a soft blue Baju Raya with a pink sampin for a dashing look that will get you all the praises. This colour combination works well with a statement shoe like a white Belgian loafer to even out the colour palette.

3. Red and Blue

The red and blue colour combination is one of our all-time favourite looks. We love how you can completely transform your Baju Raya. The Baju Melayu means business and the sampin shows the playful side. It smartens up a casual look.

Alternatively, you can pair this look with a white slipper or loafer to highlight the brightness of the red and the contrast of your blue jeans.

4. Cobalt Blue and Turquoise

Combine cobalt blue with turquoise and you have a colour match that is powerful and bright. Think ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ and wear this colour combination with elegance and class. You don’t necessarily need to break it up with a neutral colour like white or cream. Your imagination only limits you.

5. Orange and Blue

Orange and blue is the perfect colour scheme to use for colour blocking technique. Opt for blue scarf and add an orange Baju Kurung or choose a piece that mixes the perfect blend of both colours. For something a little different, try a burnt orange mix with a darker navy blue. Whichever way you choose to wear these shades, be sure to add the perfect shoe. A nude shoe will give just the right emphasis to your outfit and tie all the brightness together into one lovely sunrise.

6. Tan and Maroon

Tans and light neutral colours can be hard to style and leave you looking drab and rundown, but if you style them with a deep rich colour like maroon, you will have a match made in heaven. The key to keeping it exciting and suitable for all skin tones is to ensure you mix texture and hue so try a songket sampin with a satin baju melayu and while we usually advise you to steer clear of keeping the same colour scheme from head to toe this is one look where you need not play by the rules.

7. Orange and Black

Whether it’s a baju kurung or a baju melayu that perfectly combines this brilliant colour combination or individual items, orange and black, is the new black. Nothing lifts a black outfit more than a bright, bold colour and orange certainly does it. Don’t be shy to wear a bright coloured sampin or scarf.

8. Pink and Grey

Pink and grey is a great look which you can utilise all year-round with some versatile pieces. There are no limitations with the way that you can use this clothing colour combination. A dark grey pant with a soft pink top can look as equally complimentary. Extend the colour theme through to your accessories.

9. Purple and Coral

Coral was once reserved for your nenek’s lipstick but the colour made famous by Saloma has now taken its place as one of the most versatile shades. Wearing purple and coral with confidence will make the perfect outfit.

Coral is flattering for all skin tones, and the deep rich tones of purple give it just the right amount of contrast to ensure it’s not too striking. Try a coral baju kurung matched with a bright purple scarf or shoe and break it up a little with some gold accessories.

10. Purple and White

Coral was once reserved for your nenek’s lipstick but the colour made famous by Saloma has now taken its place as one of the most versatile shades. Wearing purple and coral with confidence will make the perfect outfit.

While white goes with anything, nothing looks more fantastic than when it’s paired with purple. It makes your skin look creamy, and it just oozes femininity and sensuality. This marriage is so versatile that you can also mix in some gold and silver accessories and convert a daytime high tea look to a dinner outing with friends.